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Indian trees name in english

Indian trees name in english

List of Indian State Trees Video in HD State Official Trees Of India State Wise - YouTube
Azadirachata indica, Neem Tree, kadunimb 1 2
Scientific Name – Ficus benghalensis
tree name hindi and english with Image
Betel nut tree – सुपारी के पेड़. Scientific Name – Areca catechu
Indian Mahogany
Vocabulary about Trees with pictures including Tamil meaning | Spoken English
Tamarindus ...
Albizia lebbeck, Rain tree, shirish 1 2
Trees Name In Tamil Alphabetical Order Image Home Garden And Tree
Scientific Name – Azadirachta indica
Peepal Tree
Jasmine, Kunda
Trees Name, Plants Name in English and Hindi for Children
Scientific Name – Cedrus
Sal tree
Polyalthia longifolia
Scientific Name – Diospyros crassiflora
Trees ...
Different Types Of Trees And Their Benefits
Indian Beech tree (Pongamia Pinata), locally known as "Sukh Chain" or
The Neem tree is native to India and associated with Hindu festivals of Ugadi and Gudi Padva. Neem leafs are traditionally recommended during early summer ...
Scientific Name – Quercus
Lakshadweep · Bread fruit · Artocarpus altilis ...
This is almost the tallest tree among the all trees. The uses of this tree are well known from the ancient periods. It is used to make bows in bow-arrow, ...
Being native to Indian sub-continent, the benefits of neem for human health have been long known. Based on Vastu Shatra, neem trees were grown in ...
Scientific Name – Phoenix dactylifera
Purple Orchid Tree
Scientific Name – A. plicatum
Sycamore or Sycomore Fig (Ficus sycomorus)
Honge or Indian Beech Tree
Couroupita guianensis
Medicinal Plants Aam,Indian Medicinal Plants and Their uses,Mangoes tree,A mango tree,Herbal medicinal plants,Herbal plants,Herbs,Uses Of Medicinal Plant
The tropical fruit tree, which is grown all over the drier parts of the Indian subcontinent. Ber tree is medium sized tree,popular for its small berries ...
White Mulberry (Morus Alba), locally known as "Toote". This tree
National Tree
Why TN government is uprooting thousands of trees to prevent water-bodies from drying up
10 things you need to know about banyan trees
Tree names in Odia || easy learning English || Vocabulary Development
Did you know the Ficus Religiosa was the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment? Due to this, it is commonly known as sacred fig, peepal tree, ...
The oak tree
Scientific Name – Abies
India rubber plant. tree
The Golden Shower tree (Casia Fistula), locally known as "Amaltas",
Neem Tree
Neem Tree
Agave attenuata, Foxtail Agave
Tree of Heaven
Bael tree species is native to India and known for its medicinal values. Aegle marmelos is considered to be sacred by Hindus.
Millingtonia hortensis, Bignoniaceae, Indian ...
Flowering Trees of Thailand – Pride of India
Living among the trees: Five animals that depend on forests
Madara 1
... how to grow Tamarind tree
European larch (Larix decidua), a coniferous tree which is also deciduous
Dragon's blood trees, Socotra Island
A collage of photos showing different varieties of shade trees in residential settings.
File:Polyalthia longifolia - Kolkata 2004-07-13 01746.JPG
11. Cypress – सनौबर, भोजपत्र. Scientific Name – Phoenix dactylifera
Dwarf Coconut Tree
Common Name :Indian Cork Tree Origin :Burma & Malayan archipelago. Flowering Season :September – October Vernacular Name :Akasha Mallige
pink flowering crabapple tree in nature
Mexican Cypress
Our Trees - Arjuna Tree
These Are The 14 Types Of Trees We Plant In Kenya
Fruit /Falzad
Mango Tree
Camel's Foot tree (Bahunia Alba), locally known as "Kachnar". It
Phyllanthus emblica known as Indian gooseberry is a edible fruit and the tree is considered sacred by Hindus. The fresh fruits of the plant are used in ...
Name of trees in Limbu-Nepali-English, collected and Designed by Sancha Bir Subba and Supported by Mohan Subba
Trunk of an Agarwood Tree of the species Aquilaria Agallocha also known as Aquilaria Malaccensis
Pot - Emerald Green Arborvitae(Thuja) Live Evergreen Shrub/Tree, Green Foliage
Like many other flower names, rhododendron enters the English record in the mid-1500s. The name literally means “rose tree” in Greek (rhodon means and is ...
Blooming white tree in park
Tenasserim pine is the common name for Pinus latteri.